Contract Tube Filling

We can fill a wide variety of tube types, shapes and sizes with liquids and gels of different densities and textures.

Regulation Consulting

We can provide you with an excellent regulation consulting service for the products that we manufacture, or any products that our clients have manufactured elsewhere.

Complementary Products

Vitamins, minerals, oils and herbal supplements in tablets, hard and soft capsules, liquid and powder delivery system

Skin care

General, natural, pharmacy supplies, sun protection, anti aging, whitening, cream and liquid

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Welcome to Health Life Pharmaceuticals


Health Life Pharmaceuticals Australia Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian company, based in the western suburb of Sydney, Australia. Health Life Pharmaceuticals is one of the major contract manufacturers of quality complementary healthcare products and cosmetic products. Health Life Pharmaceuticals produces goods for distribution under different trademarks and brand names for their customers and other companies with sales in both domestic and international markets.

Product quality is regulated through Health Life Pharmaceuticals’ application of the Code of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) throughout its operations. Health Life Pharmaceuticals holds a licence to manufacture therapeutic goods which is issued by the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia. (TGA Licence No. MI-2011-LI-06622-3)

Health Life Pharmaceuticals’ output broadly comprises healthcare complementary products and cosmetic products which include tablets, hard gelatin capsules, soft gelatin capsules, liquid, creams ointments, etc.. In addition to these products, Health Life Pharmaceuticals also supply soap bars, milk powder products and infant formula products,

Health Life Pharmaceuticals is staffed by a professional team with many years of experience in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. Health Life Pharmaceuticals also has contracted with many other Australian leading manufacturers as well as laboratories and research institutes with good reputation in Australia to ensure that the products that we supply to our customers meet the highest quality standard.